Monday, January 21, 2013

Just Try

This past summer, the world turned its attention to the Games of the XXX Olympiad. Across the London area, athletes from all over the globe turned in amazing performances, captivating us with their skill, determination and sportsmanship.  People gathered all over the world in front of TV’s, computers, some even tuning in by radio to catch the latest news and cheer for their countrymen.  Was there a moment during the Olympics that inspired you to train a little harder, set a goal for an up coming event or try a new sport?  Maybe some of you were inspired to just start exercising.  Come to think of it, life is like a triathlon.

Now, by definition triathlon is “an athletic contest comprising three consecutive events, usually swimming, bicycling, and distance running”.  What if we looked at it from a slightly different perspective and called it a try-athlon.  Would that help take some of the fear out of it?  What is it that prevents people from getting out of their comfort zone and trying something new?